Technical Standards in Tree Work

TeST (acronym for ‘Technical Standards in Tree Work’) is an EU funded project aiming to develop European technical standards on tree pruning, tree planting and tree cabling and bracing. These standards will reflect the good practice in tree work across Europe and will provide technical definitions and guidelines for tree work.

The project is run by a partnership representing 11 European countries and runs from September 2019 to August 2022.

European Tree Pruning Standard


European Tree Planting Standard


European Cabling & Bracing Standard


The Standards

The European Arboricultural Standards are based on a harmonisation of formal and informal national norms and standards, including current knowledge and experience in the arboricultural community. The basic texts are created during working group discussions involving experts from 11 European countries. After agreement in the working group, the draft version is subject to a public consultation, open to all interested. Feedback from the public consultation is discussed and processed in the final version of the standard before publishing it.