European Cabling & Bracing Standard

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EAS - European Tree Cabling and Bracing Standard (ETCaBS) v2022-09-01.pdf
application "Shared Database of Stabilised Trees" - SDSTapp


During the development of the European Cabling & Bracing Standard it became clear that follow-up of cabling and bracing systems is a major flaw. A lot of systems are installed, but never get checked afterwards. In order to facilitate the recording and follow-up of cabling and bracing systems, we have developed a Shared Database of Stabilised Trees, which is accessible as a free app for mobile devices. This allows arborists to record the installation of a system and, more importantly, to record the essential follow-up in the form of regular inspections, replacement date, etc. All data is available for the recording arborist and the tree owner or manager, but can be shared with others after authorisation.

Web Pages of the Shared Database of Stabilised Trees (SDSTrees)

The system is based on the successful database that has been up and running in the Czech and Slovak Republics since 2012 (

BETA Testing - Shared Database of Stabilised Trees

If you are interested in BETA testing the app please fill the form below and we will contact you soon.Please let us know what Operation system is using your phone = Apple (iOS) or Google (Android), thanks.